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Bringing the best of Utah to Daybreak!

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11274 Kestrel Rise Rd, South Jordan, UT 

Saturdays, June 1 - Sept. 28, 2019, 9a - 1p


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We are an Earth Friendly Marketplace

We are committed to do our best to "leave no trace" both out in our beautiful Utah wild places and here at home in the market.  We encourage our vendors and our farmers market shoppers to include earth friendly practices in their selling and shopping routines. 

Shopping Ideas

Put together a Farmers Market shopping kit that you can keep in one place for easy grab and go when you’re heading out for your weekly Daybreak Farmers Market shopping. It could include:

  1. Cloth shopping bag

  2. Travel coffee mug

  3. Water bottle

  4. Reusable containers for berries, etc.​

Look for vendors who make waste-free shopping easy. Ask if packaging can be returned for reuse or credit (jam jars, yogurt crocks, berry baskets, etc.). If disposable plastic packaging is the only option, look for minimal packaging.

  • Refrigerate (or prepare and eat) produce as soon as you get home to keep it fresh longer.

  • Buy only what you can reasonably eat. Wasted food can be composted, but it is still a waste.

  • Try using more parts of the vegetable. For instance, rather than throwing away chard stems or turnip greens, try a quick stir fry. And your vegetable scraps and peelings can also be saved in a bag in the freezer for later use in soup stock. If you have a crock pot or InstantPot you are all set!

  • Recycle or compost whatever is left!