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Bringing the best of Utah to Daybreak!

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11274 Kestrel Rise Rd, South Jordan, UT 

Saturdays, June 1 - Sept. 28, 2019, 9a - 1p


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Artisan & Craft

Art & Craft Vendors must make everything they sell in order to be considered for this category. We do not allow any products that are sourced from outside of the United States.  Artists and creators who live and create in Utah are given extreme preference.  We will consider vendors who are from our region, the following states: Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado.  We look for diverse, unique products.

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE APPLYING - we do not have a category for resellers, MLM's, or direct marketing companies. As well - Pre-manufactured, mass-produced, imported or commercial products will not be considered.   If you apply and are declined because of any of these reasons, you will forfeit your application fee.

If you have a gmail address, you can either click the Button titled "Fill out Application" and navigate to the form, or fill out the form below.  If you do not have a gmail address, fill out the form below.

2020 Market Fees

Application Fee Returning Vendor: $15

Application Fee New Vendor $30

Full Season: $525 (18 Saturdays)

1/2 Season:  $275 (9 Saturdays)

By the Saturday: $40

Fees must be paid in full by April 30th, 2020